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Prana Vinyasa Flow, Lunar Arts & Elementals


Having been able to practice and study with Juan Gabriel (Senior Teacher at Yoga Alliance) and many other beings who've I gotten to know, inspiring me along my way; I now offer a guidance within the body, mind structure.


Together we learn to explore the flow of life moving through as one breath. One movement. Offerings are held through yoga asana.


Prana Vinyasa Flow is the practice of yoga through conscious breath movement within the current of flow, different rythms and expressions of life. 


Because yoga is a practice of the mind, body and soul; bringing the three into one, creating space and awareness through alignment and form, it is a practice which holds possibility for all, regardless of gender, status and body-structure.

Inscription adviced: Welcome!

15 € / session
12 € / job seekers - students
130 € / card of 10 sessions
100 € / job seekers - students


Practical advice:

- wear comfortable clothing (no skirts)
- come on time (so you can settle in at ease (there is a cloakroom)
- there are carpets on site
- preferably do not eat before class (2 hours if possible),
- possible to take a shower on site (bring a towel)

- Inscription adviced:

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