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Hey There!

Bonjour! Hello! Hola! Hallo! Guten Tag! Asalaam alaikum! Namaskar! Olá! Shalom!
Dzień dobry! Yassas! Anyoung haseyo! ...


To introduce the world to a developing community of teachers, mentors, facilitators, and supporters who are heart-centered and emotionally close individuals.a lively, joyful group that aims to raise awareness of its members' own shadows, projections, and/or introjections.a group of people who are deeply committed to working within on the road of (w)holistic embodiment and expansion.



A loving and encouraging family that fosters more creativity and closeness in every relationship via sympathetic conversational artistry and enlightening discourse, providing a largely safe environment for open communication and the investigation of both individual and group basic needs and ideals.People who value jointly crafting heartfelt visions in a neutral, honest, and ethical manner—without turning emotions into weapons—and who instead take emotional responsibility for their actions. As conscious beings, we long for a closer, more personal relationship with Spirit, love, and ourselves.


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