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Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology is a form of massage therapy that applies pressure and stimulation to different areas of the feet. “Reflexology is a practice within Chinese medicine that has been around for thousands of years,” explains Janine Mahon, doctor of Chinese Medicine, board-certified acupuncturist, and herbalist.

“In Chinese medicine, you can look at the whole body or various microsystems," "Microsystems—the ear, hand, foot, and scalp—mirror the whole body, and imbalances in the body, wherever they are, can be treated by using points within the microsystem.”

Foot reflexology can be fast-acting and has lots of potential benefits, beginning with creating balance in the body. Balance in the body is created when Qi, or energy, and blood are flowing smoothly.

“Think of watching traffic on the freeway back up right in front of you and then you miss the offramp, everything comes to a halt, We can feel this in our body right away, and you may feel the tension in your stomach, shoulders, hands, or in your mind. Once the buildup has been released, we breathe easier and no longer feel irritated or worried. In general, reflexology is excellent for removing the blockages (traffic), boosting our bodily function, and giving space for the body to heal.”.

But that isn’t the only potential benefit of this ancient practice. “Foot reflexology can reduce stress, anxiety, and pain, improve digestion, and boost your immunity,” says chief of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine development. “Many people revert to foot reflexology to assist with symptoms and improve quality of life. Touch by another person has actually been found to be a relaxing and stress-relieving activity.” If you love the foot massage part of a pedicure, you'll likely be a fan of reflexology.

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Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

Experience the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage!



Are you experiencing a need for deep relaxation and harmony in your life? Meet the traditional Lomi Lomi massage from Hawaii, a treatment that balances your body and mind.

Lomi Lomi is not just a massage. It is a rhythmic and relaxing massage with gentle movements designed to soothe and heal. You will immediately notice the long flowing movements, which resemble the waves of the ocean. These movements are often performed with the forearms instead of the hands. The movements performed by the masseuse work as if to relieve tension in your body, release blockages and activate the potent energy. It is truly extraordinary!

Surround yourself in a peaceful surrounding. Cloud your mind and body with the gentle waves of the Lomi Lomi massage. Enjoy the nurturing touches and soothing environment and let all the tension and excessive stress slip away from you.


Give yourself some time to enjoy and relax and recover. Experience the deep healing offered by this unique massage and let the loving energy blossom.


It is not unusual for the effects of an excellent Lomi Lomi massage to last for a few days after you have had a relaxing massage. There may be an increase in creativity, more insights and a sense of change in your body. It is possible to eliminate and reduce blockages stored inside of your body. It simply gives new life force, making you feel like new again.


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