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 "My womb has been a battlefield for years, where the exhausting battle of loss, grief, murder and guilt takes place. Lycia crossed my path at a very crucial time in my life. In a period of complete chaos, she made room for my story and my search for silence. With an exciting and curious heart I attended a first session of womb healing with Lycia. Both the space and Lycia gave me a feeling of safety and security. Time was really made for me here. Fear and insecurities quickly gave way to a sense of confidence, which I experienced throughout the session, thanks to Lycia's constant closeness and attention. This session brought about something beautiful, a start of a healing process where I no longer have to fight but can live back from my feminine strength. Thank you Lycia for having your beautiful person by my side during this process." - sound therapy, womb healing session.

​"The first 1: 1 session with Lycia was conducted digitally, completely in accordance with the spirit of this time. Nevertheless, it felt natural. Lycia even created a safe haven from a distance, where all feelings and emotions were given a place. An hour of talking flew by. The conversation was professionally managed. She radiates a warm professionalism that invites openness and trust. A great experience!”


​"What I really liked is that the accompaniment offered gives
a nice space to let emerge what happens.
A relevant punctual guidance with great sensitivity and gentleness.
A very good session that got me back on track.
Thank you !" - guided accompaniment through talk and listening, reclaiming clarity


"Lycia is a very warm and open person, which helped me a lot to feel welcome after arriving. I was a bit anxious at the beginning since I've never participated in holistic therapy before and didn't yet quite know what to expect during the following 90 minutes. My initial nervousness started to settle a bit after having been offered a cup of tea, as we sat down together and started to talk of what's going on in my life lately.
It didn't take long before we touched a very sensitive topic that moved me to tears. I've had some traumatic experiences in the past, and when these things come up it usually is quite hard to stay connected with myself and my surroundings. It was at this point when we decided together that it could be beneficial to address this in a different manner than purely with words.
I moved from the chair to a table and lay down on my back. Lycia asked me if it were okay that she would touch specific points in my body with her hands. Since I felt safe and accompanied in a professional way, I agreed and accepted the gentle touches. It is kind of hard to put the feeling I had during this process into words. Because in the end, how can you put something into words that is much more than just words? I can only say that I felt supported and cared for, that I was allowed to be there, my body and emotions being treated in a respectful way. And more than anything that I was not alone.
This not only touched me deeply, but also helped me to move through the pain. I don't know how it will be next time. Every session is different after all. But for this one time, I was able to stay in touch and to not lose myself in all those feelings. And for this I am very thankful!" - craniosacral therapy

"Lycia is an incredibly soft and warm person.
Thanks to her, I was able to comme closer to my true self and embrace the parts of me that I was uncomfortable facing.
Her approach is very practical, yet incredibly healing." - integrative role play therapy, inner arts

"What first attracted me was the proposal to put your feelings into words, and also to allow each session to be adapted according to the needs of the moment and the person, mixing different therapeutic approaches. After these first sessions , I felt the possibility of expressing myself in confidence and connecting my body, images and words. This in a simple and reassuring exchange. " - guided session through talk therapy and creative imaging dialogue techniques

​"Grace à cette séance, j'ai reconnecté avec la joie naturelle de mon existence. Une expérience qui montre le chemin corporel vers un profond état de confiance intérieure. Merci Lycia" - craniosacral therapy

"Lycia is a very gentle and empathetic therapist. I immediately felt at ease with her. I followed a number of sessions of talk therapy with her, combined with cranio-sacral. With the cranio-sacral everything is nicely aligned in your body and Lycia literally lets you feel what is going on inside you. I came into the hidden emotions and my inner child. Lycia has an incredible sensitivity for this.
I felt completely heard in my story. Lycia will get you to the core of your problem.
Lycia will not unnecessarily delay the number of sessions and if needed, she may redirect you to a colleague for further therapy."

"The session with Lycia was very enjoyable. She gave me confidence that made it easy for me to relax and unwind. After the session we briefly discussed where the possible blockages in my body could come from and did this with great respect towards me as a person." - craniosacral therapy

Citizen of the world 365

​"I believe that as a young adult we have to take the time to dig deep into ourselves and deconstruct some of the elements that have formed ones self. Lycia has been helpful, patient, honest and has accompanied me through often simple exercises that have confronted me with myself. She has helped me find a way to recognise and deal with anxiety, a driving phobia, a difficult traumatic birth, an a disconnect to my femininity and sexuality. As such, non of these issues have gone away, but Lycia helps me see them in a new light, so I can relate to them differently, see the role and place they have in me and my story. I highly recommend her and I hope she will be able to accompany you the way she has been accompanying me."


​"I met Lycia while she was doing her internship in Bolivia and we met again in Brussels. The yoga practice with her is part of a holistic process I do to lead my life and heal, certainly an important part. Lycia is an open, authentic and kind person. Doing yoga in her classes goes far beyond of just being a class. At the same time, apart from practicing yoga and meditation, one can share other topics such as femininity, and even more sensitive ones in a safe space. There are many things I would like to say to express my gratitude. But thank you Lycia from the bottom of my heart for the accompaniment, in this expanding of horizons and growth!"


Thank you Lycia for helping me understand what being kind to myself looks like. I appreciate the way she helped me navigate through my struggles and traumas to help me see myself more clearly. I tend to be quite anxious about certain topics but her gentle and warm nature is immediately felt when you enter a session with her and this allows you to relax very deeply. I was recommended to her practice by a friend and I’m very glad to have started therapy with her and I hold dear all that I’ve learned about myself through my sessions with her. But most of all, I appreciated the honesty and openness she brought to each meeting. It seems effortless in the way she makes you feel heard and accepted. Moreover, I love her approach of combining verbal therapy with bodily movement therapy. Overall, I think it’s the perfect place to begin if you’ve never tried therapy and it’s the best place to be if you’re looking for a new therapist. If you haven’t already booked a session with her I’d very highly recommend you to do so. Your mind, body, and heart will thank you!"


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