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"What are chakra's and what is their function?"

"How do I balance my chakra's?"

"So how many main chakra's do we have as human beings?"

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"What are some ways to align and clear the chakra's?"



Wholistic Embodiment. What is it?

Realizing that there are a numerous of distinct components to the human experience. a profound comprehension and acceptance of our connection to everything in the universe, even the voids between. that we would either cease to exist or exist differently if there was just one expression—light or dark. Every other being here in the present, past, and future is impacted by that one breath in the Amazon. a fusion, a lining up of the bodies as we currently understand them: the mental, emotional, digestive, sensuous, and sexual bodies. that the journey of experience is what it is, that the inner labor is never finished, and that the body is a temple that facilitates both creative expression and creative experiences.
A blending of the spiritual lessons, to put them into practice, to live them at the workplace, on vacation, during family meals, in every discussion, while strolling through the streets, all without "trying" or creating a "persona." Recalling your true self and our true selves while following the path of authenticity, indifferent to the opinions of others while remaining aware of their capacity to harm or disgrace us.

Your Shadow? What is it?
In general, our "shadow," commonly referred to as the "dark night of the soul," is any component of ourselves that I am unaware of. It is concealed, in a sense, from my awareness of who I AM. All I know about myself is what I'm willing to learn. These features might be evil, or they might not be. These behaviors might or might not be harmful. They might not be secrets that only we know about ourselves. Our inner critic, inner saboteur, patterns of behavior, prior experiences, unpleasant feelings that surface that we find unsettling, guilt (fear of feeling shame), anxiety (fear of feeling fear), and melancholy (sad of feeling sad) can all be considered aspects of our shadow. Nevertheless, we may often find ourselves caught in a vicious cycle.


"Can we subscribe for yoga with ainu?"

"Did you know walking in nature helps to restore your energy centers?"

"Did you know water helps to cleanse your field?"

"What are some of the main universal spiritual laws?"

"Where can I get a free meditation?"

"How do I forgive myself/others?"

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